High-speed cloud computing center data switch
    Release time:2022-12-29    Views:558
    Delton Technology Inc has been committed to high-end PCB manufacturing with high-speed and high-frequency as the main products, which are mainly used in data center, cloud computing, industrial internet, artificial intelligence, 5G communication, automotive electronics, security and printing and other terminal fields. Delton has long served well-known customers at home and abroad. Over the years, the company's scale and technical capability have maintained continuous and rapid growth in the PCB field, and have been evaluated as excellent suppliers and long-term strategic partners by the company's main customers for many years.
    Product Introduction

    With the arrival of 5G and the improvement of the signal rate requirements for big data servers, the requirements for data switches in cloud computing centers are also becoming higher and higher. The PCB material level is a higher level than the server material, and the requirements for insertion loss are more strictly controlled.

    The design will generally be 12 layers or more, the thickness to diameter ratio of PCB is above 9:1, the corresponding line density is at least 0.075/0.100mm, the minimum aperture is processed with 0.225mm aperture, and there will be mixed pressure design. The main mixed pressure material is generally Ultra Low Loss grade material mixed with ordinary FR4 to reduce costs. Its main signal operating frequency is above 10GHz, belonging to the operating range of higher frequency, so this type of product will have more optical modules or high-speed connector interfaces on the PCB layout. At the same time, because of the high insertion loss requirements of the signal, there will be more back drilling design and resin plug hole+POFV design.