1、 Environmental policy:

Implement the company's business philosophy and do a good job in environmental management and improvement. Follow the four principles of environmental policy:

• 1. Business activities comply with government environmental protection regulations;

• 2. Continue to implement resource conservation, recovery and waste reduction;

• 3. Effectively implement the environmental management system;

• 4. Combine with the third party to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

The company has established a complete three-waste treatment system, in which the wastewater treatment capacity reaches 3000m3/h, and the production wastewater can be stably discharged after being discharged and collected by classification, chemical flocculation sedimentation and biological treatment; In terms of waste gas emission, the company has built 13 production waste gas outlets, and the waste gas reaches the waste gas emission standard through alkaline spraying and activated carbon adsorption; For the generated solid waste, it is classified at the source, stored with standardized identification on the site, and hazardous waste is outsourced by a qualified third party to achieve the goal of standardized transfer. The company has further reduced its energy and resource consumption and carbon emissions by implementing cleaner production. In the process of implementation, some medium-high cost schemes have been implemented, such as using natural gas instead of diesel as fuel for boilers, adding biological wastewater treatment tanks, and adding a class of pollutant treatment systems, which have produced good environmental and economic benefits.

2、 Security policy:

Implement the company's business philosophy and do a good job in occupational health and safety management and improvement.

• 1. The business activities comply with the government's occupational health and safety regulations;

• 2. Continuously implement occupational health and safety awareness training, elimination of potential safety hazards and accident emergency response plans and drills;

• 3. Effectively control and manage hazard sources, implement occupational health and safety system, achieve continuous improvement and control hazardous injuries;

• 4. Achieve the purpose of occupational health and safety by combining the participation and negotiation of third-party manufacturers and employees.

By establishing the ISO 45001 management system, the company abides by the law, and cares about the occupational safety of employees in the spirit of people-oriented. The company integrates the management idea of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment" into the daily production and operation management, and improves the daily safety production management performance by means of equipment and facilities investment, transformation, on-site supervision and inspection. According to the government requirements, the company actively promoted the standardization of safety production and passed the expert review and certification of "standardization of safety production".

3、 Responsible mineral procurement policy:

The company promises to purchase and not use conflict free minerals. That is, the company does not use metals purchased from illegal mining and poor working environment in armed conflict, including tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold, cobalt and other metals. The supplier is also required to refuse to use the above conflict minerals to ensure that the products supplied to a company comply with international regulations and customer requirements, and expects to have a positive impact on this issue through self-restraint actions throughout the supply chain.