Decade dream building for the new journey| Ground Breaking Ceremony Delton Technology (Thailand)Co.,Ltd
Release time:2023-09-28     Views:1026

On September 27, 2023, an important day for Delton Technology Inc, over 50 industry colleagues gathered at the Borthong33 Industrial Estate in Prachin Buri Province, Thailand, to witness a milestone moment – the groundbreaking ceremony for Delton Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s high-level precision printed circuit board (PCB) project.


Mr. Xiao Hongxing, Chairman of Delton Technology, expressed our anticipation of working together with the local government of Prachin Buri Province  and all our partners to contribute to the local economy and manufacturing industry's development goals.


The groundbreaking ceremony

With the leaders raising golden shovels, they filled the foundation stone with auspicious golden soil. This moment was accompanied by the booming sound of cannons, stirring the hearts of those present. It signifies that Delton Technology's project in Thailand will undoubtedly contribute to its journey to becoming the world's largest PCB manufacturer of server.

Prachin Buri Province, Thailand, is a vibrant and promising location, serving as the starting point for Delton Technology's internationalization. Here, Delton Technology will invest in constructing a new factory to actively expand overseas markets and enhance its competitiveness. The construction of the new factory will not only provide strong support for Delton Technology's business growth but also inject new momentum into local economic development and manufacturing advancement. Delton Thailand will continue to uphold the principles of "innovation, collaboration, and win-win," expanding into new markets, researching new products, and serving our customers and shareholders better.

Project Summary

As the first step in Delton Technology's global strategic deployment, the company officially launched the construction project of Delton Technology's Thai production base at the beginning of 2023. This project is located within the Borthong33 Industrial Estate in Prachin Buri Province, Thailand. As an extension of the group's product and business strategy overseas, the first phase of the Thai project will inherit the group's technological genes in high-end PCB products, targeting products such as Eagle Stream and Birth Stream server platform boards and cards, various types of boards and cards for AI servers, horizontally compatible high-end PCBs for the communication industry, and downward coverage for PCs, notebooks, and the automotive industry. It will rapidly establish stable, fast, and mass delivery capabilities, build market image, and inspire customer confidence.


Delton Thailand's new factory will be the starting point for Delton Technology to realize bigger dreams. Let us collectively look forward to a brilliant future!