Delton Technology (001389) successfully held its initial public offering (IPO) and 10th-anniversary celebration ceremony on the A-share market.
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Delton Technology (001389) successfully held its initial public offering (IPO) and 10th-anniversary celebration ceremony on the A-share market. After ten years of refining and shaping, symbolizing a future of digital innovation, the ceremony took place on April 2, 2024. Delton Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Delton Technology, stock code: 001389) celebrated its IPO on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) main board. Government representatives, industry association leaders, brokerage representatives, Delton Technology's Chairman, employees, clients, partners, and media attended the listing ceremony, witnessing this significant historical moment.



Qiu Yitong, Deputy Director of the Office of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee's Financial Committee and Director of the Local Financial Supervision Bureau, congratulated Delton Technology on its successful listing. He emphasized that Delton Technology's listing positions it as the top-ranking listed company in the domestic server PCB sector, enhancing Guangzhou's appeal and influence in the electronics industry. This milestone marks a crucial point in Delton Technology's development and sets a new starting point for the future.


Wang Xuechun, Vice President of Minsheng Securities Co., Ltd., expressed his best wishes for Delton Technology's new chapter post-listing. He pledged Minsheng Securities' commitment to providing continuous supervision and service to ensure Delton Technology's high-quality development.


Chairman Xiao Hongxing of Delton Technology acknowledged the company's journey and expressed gratitude to all stakeholders for their support. He highlighted the company's commitment to PCB technology and innovation, underscoring the listing as a new beginning for Delton Technology's growth and development alongside partners, focusing on customer satisfaction and high-quality development.

A gala dinner themed "Ten Years of Refinement, Shaping the Future of Intelligence" was held in Shenzhen to celebrate Delton Technology's IPO and 10th anniversary. Leaders from management, shareholders, employees, local government units, partners, key customers, and industry associations gathered to commemorate this milestone. The evening featured a captivating light show, symbolizing Delton Technology's future journey.


Chairman Xiao Hongxing, accompanied by executives and guests, officially initiated Delton Technology's stock code "001389" during the dinner, raising a toast to the attendees. The event included award ceremonies honoring outstanding supplier partnerships and recognizing employees for their decade-long contributions.


The ceremony concluded in a joyous atmosphere, highlighting Delton Technology's successful IPO and future prospects in the capital market.