Endure great hardships in pioneer work after ten years, Turn over the new leaf as the rising sun
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On January 16, 2023, the annual commendation ceremony for outstanding performance in 2022 was held in Yelin Seafood Restaurant, Dongguan, by Delton Technology.Inc Mr. HongXing Xiao, Chairman of the Group, Ms. JinChan Liu, Director of the Board, Ms. Hong Zeng, General Manager of the Group, and other senior executives of the company, as well as the award-winning outstanding employees, attended the awards ceremony.


Today, we gather together for a family feast to celebrate the fruitful achievements of 2022. Today, we come together joyfully, looking forward to the brand-new journey of 2023. In 2023, let's give each other a high five, let's give a thumbs up, let's all say "Yeah!" Let's capture wonderful moments together.

At the beginning of the event, Chairman Xiao Hongxing delivered a speech: Congratulations to the outstanding employees and teams for receiving the annual honors. You are the role models of DTI and the pillars of its development. I hope you will continue to work hard, exert the power of role models, gather more elites, and create new brilliance.

The first decade of New DTI has been a journey of hardships and challenges. DTI employees have shown their determination for rebirth and regeneration, their intense desire for goals, and the spirit of not giving up, being capable, daring, and leading. Together, we have created the rapid development of DTI over the past ten years. Once again, I deeply appreciate and admire the dedication and contributions of all DTI employees over the past decade.


With warm applause, General Manager Hong Zeng delivered a speech: First and foremost, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and sincere blessings to the award-winning individuals, teams, and all DTI employees!

 At the same time, General Manager Zeng highly praised the dedication and remarkable achievements of all DTI employees in the first decade of DTI. She also raised higher expectations for 2023. Regarding the beginning of the second decade for DTI, General Manager Zeng stated that all DTI employees will continue to adhere to the core values of "Customer First, Employee Satisfaction, Striving for Victory, and Leading through Innovation." With determination and courage, we will forge ahead, creating another splendid decade for DTI!


        We believe that through our efforts, we will eventually stand in the course of history, reflecting on the past with a sense of fulfillment. The ones who will surely emerge in the new era are the DTI people.

         The opening dance "Blooming Splendor" set the stage for the grand evening, while the energetic dance performance "Retro Medley" ignited the entire venue. Following that, the performance of "Tang Dynasty Night Banquet" brought Tang Dynasty beauties to life, as they gracefully moved among national treasures and created a Chinese version of "Night at the Museum"...


In addition to the spectacular performances, there were also thrilling lucky draws and entertaining game segments, bringing lots of surprises and igniting the enthusiasm of everyone present. The atmosphere reached its climax during the annual event...


         Endure great hardships in pioneer work after ten years, Turn over the new leaf as the rising sun The achievements of yesterday have become history, and the path ahead is still long and challenging.

In 2023, let us join hands, overcome obstacles, and forge ahead with full force. Let us continue the spirit of innovation and create another decade of glory.